Bill Franklin

Bill Franklin - General Manager & Estimator

As General Manager of Dale’s Marine Construction, Inc., Bill is responsible for operational and financial management. His duties in operations include visiting all project sites to ensure that strict corporate construction standards are adhered to. He keeps up with emerging technologies in the marine construction field, and ensures compliance with environmental programs.

Additionally, Bill Franklin functions as estimator, and since joining DMC in August, 2004, has successfully bid more than 3000 projects, ranging in size from $300 to over $1 million. He maintains contact with a breadth of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the customer has a wide range of marine products from which to choose, while at the same time keeping the costs of projects within the client’s budgetary constraints.

Other responsibilities for Bill include customer service and human resources management. Dale’s Marine prides itself for post-project service, and Bill, along with his Business Manager are dedicated to ensuring the customer is satisfied. He holds regular employee meetings and encourages open communications as part of his Human Resources duties.

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