Lift/Dock Maintenance

Lift/Dock Maintenance

Just like a house or a car, your dock and boatlift need to be maintained as well. We highly recommend having your boatlift serviced at least once a year. We offer a comprehensive lift service which includes re-greasing the lift, rewinding cables into proper alignment, checking all bearings, and replacing any belts that need replacing.

A yearly boatlift service and inspection can increase the longevity of your boatlifts. When it comes to your docks, they do not require as much maintenance, but these are some tips that we share with our customers. If you have a pressure treated dock, you can help increase its longevity by spraying CLEAR Thompson’s Water Seal on the dock and let it dry. This will help keep moisture from soaking into the lumber, which is what causes the wood to rot. Thru-Flow is virtually maintenance free, along with Moisture Shield decking. Some composite materials, such as Choice-Dek, may require to be bleached annually to help maintain the clean look.

Installing piling wrap is a great way to increase the life span of your dock pilings by 10-15 years. Piling wrap can help prevent natural rot and also defends against borer worms, which eat your pilings like termites. If there is a chance your pilings already have borer worms, the piling wrap will suffocate any worms your pilings may have and will protect against future attacks. We can install piling wrap on older pilings to increase the pilings life span, as well. Your dock and boatlift are outside in the elements 24/7 and it’s important to take care of them to get the most lifespan as possible.





  • Posted by dalesmarine
  • On November 26, 2018