Quality Comparisons

Quality Comparisons

Here at Dale’s Marine, we pride ourselves with the quality of work we provide. We are always looking for ways to make our projects stronger and better. This is why we have become one of the leading contractors in the Pensacola area.

DMC has the best equipment in the area to ensure the strength and durability of your project. Only top quality products are used, from the lumber, the vinyl sheet piles, down to the fasteners, we only want the best for you. Our pilings are driven a minimum of 8’ in the ground for dock pilings and boatlift and boathouse pilings are a minimum of 10’ in the ground thanks to our large, steel barges and our Caterpillar 308s with vibratory plates.

This compares to some who only put pilings 3’-4’ in the ground. This can cause the dock to sink or pull up in a storm. If boatlift pilings or boathouse pilings are too short, this can cause the lift to sink and out your boat at risk or the boathouse roofline to rack. If this happens, you could be at risk of having to replace the entire boathouse because it is unable to be fixed.

 Dale’s Marine only uses Everlast Synthetic Products for our vinyl seawall sheets. This material is thick, durable, and has a 50 year manufacturer warrantee!! It’s the finest in the industry and it is the only vinyl material we use. Golden Boatlifts are the best lifts on the market and we are the only dealer around that supplies these one of a kind lifts.

Please see our Boatlift section on our website to read all the fantastic specifications these lifts have to offer. Our foremen have been trained to pay special attention to detail and work with the customers to make sure their vision is matched. Our estimates are always free and we are happy to make any revisions to your estimate to accommodate any ideas you may have. 

It is very important when you receive an estimate that you do not just look at the bottom line and see the price. If there is a difference in price, there is a reason for that and it’s typically due to the quality of materials.

As our General Manager, Bill Franklin, always says “I will build an outstanding project for a reasonable price, but I won’t build a “cheap” project for any price!” We want you to have a project that you can be proud of and we are proud to always put our name on our projects because of the high quality craftsmanship and effort that was put in to make that project a reality.

  • Posted by dalesmarine
  • On November 26, 2018