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Dale’s Marine Construction takes pride in building the highest quality boat lifts and boathouses in the area. Our goal is to provide a boathouse or boat lift that best meets the individual needs of each customer.

Golden Boat Lifts

As the area’s exclusive dealer for Golden Boat Lifts®, Dale’s Marine Construction prides itself in selling and installing the highest quality boat lifts. Golden has been in business since 1980 and is the leading manufacturer of boat lifts in the nation. To learn more about the outstanding quality standards of these boat lifts, visit their website – www.goldenboatlifts.com.

Sea Drive Series:

  • Available in 7,500, 10K, 14K, 16K, 20K, and 24K capacities
  • Enclosed direct drive “Sea Drive” powerheads with stainless steel motors
  • Aluminum top I-Beam channel
  • Industry exclusive 3.5” grooved aluminum cable winders
  • Maintenance free bearings and pulleys
  • Aluminum bunks
  • Remote with limit switch
  • 15-year structural warranty
  • 10-year warranty on the “Sea Drive” unit
  • 2-year “industry exclusive” warranty in the total system

Available in even more capacity options, compared to the Run About series, the Sea Drive series is an excellent option for your boat lift.

Tide Tamer Jet Ski Lifts

Dale’s Marine Construction sells and installs only Tide Tamer “Swinger Series” jet ski lifts. These are the finest quality Jet Ski lifts in the industry. Visit their website at www.tidetamer.com to learn more about these high quality jet ski lifts.

  • Tide Tamer “Swinger” lift
  • Aluminum construction
  • Direct gear drive system
  • Stainless steel motor
  • Installed on 9” TIP (large) piling
  • No submerged metal parts
  • Finest lift in the industry

Boathouse Design

Dale’s Marine works diligently to build the highest quality boathouses in this area. These top quality boathouses are designed to give you 30+ years of worry-free enjoyment.

Once the design is completed to meet the customer’s needs and wants, we then prepare for the installation and building process. We start by setting oversized 8” TIP, 2.5CCA marine-treated pilings. These pilings are installed using a Caterpillar 308 track-hoe with a vibratory plate on a 16’ x 40’ steel flat barge. Our craftsmen then install a double 2” x 12” band that is through bolted to the pilings using 5/8” galvanized bolts. We then install 2” x 8” ridges and hips with 2’ x 6’ rafters. Then, we install 5/8” plywood (NO OSB), with 30 lb. felt and lifetime dimensional shingles.


At Dale’s Marine, we take pride in building a home for your boat and installing lifts that help protect your investment, both the watercraft and dock, from the elements and wave fluctuations. Furthermore, the boat lifts help prevent the boat from smashing into the dock or a line breaking loose.

  • Custom-design based on customer’s preferences
  • Exclusive local dealer of Golden Boat Lifts
  • Multiple options for lifts
  • Boathouse goal is 30+ years of quality
  • High quality and durable material
  • Focused on customer satisfaction


  • What size pilings do you use on your boathouses?

    Our standard boathouse pilings are minimum 8” TIP pilings and many times they are larger than 8” (8.5” or 9” TIP). We install the boathouse pilings a minimum of 10 feet in the ground, but sometimes they may be up to 12 feet in the ground. At Dale’s Marine, we also install the pilings TIP up to prevent the pilings from sinking or pulling up in the wake of a storm.

  • What if I want a metal roof on my boathouse?

    If you prefer a metal roof on your boathouse, you can certainly make that choice. Our standard price includes 30-year lifetime, dimensional shingles, which we install ourselves. However, if you choose to upgrade your roof to metal, we would sub-contract that portion of the work, as our crews do not install metal roofs. This is the only area of construction that we subcontract and we ensure that we choose other reputable companies. At times, choosing a metal roof may delay the project’s timeline and completion date due to the sub-contracting process. On average, nearly 75% of our boathouse projects are completed with shingle roofs, while about 25% of the boathouses have metal.

  • Will my boat fit if I have a “T” top or tower?

    Our boathouses are built with the framing and banding, starting about 10 feet above the deck level. Furthermore, all of our boathouses are framed by our crews and no trusses are installed, leaving the inside of the boathouse fully open. This allows room for radars, “T” tops, towers, etc.  If needed or requested, we can always install 35 feet pilings; make sure to ask your estimator to provide this additional cost in their quote.