Deck Construction

 A well-constructed deck can turn underutilized land into a pleasant outdoor living space and even increase the square footage of your house by adding a working platform over water. From freestanding decks to patio decks secured directly to a building, DMC will work with you from the design phase onward to build the deck that improves your lifestyle.
Deck construction involves everything from design layout to choosing rails, posts, piers, and appropriate building materials to withstand the elements. We use alternate decking materials such as Choice-Dek© to meet the weather challenges faced by a Florida deck builder and to maintain our environmental mission. Choice-Dek© is a composite of recycled cedar wood and plastic polyethylene that lasts two to three times longer than traditional decking materials. It does not require sealing, staining or treating, and is easy to clean.


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What People Are Saying:

“I think y’all did a super job on this project and the boys and myself couldn’t be happier. Thanks again.”

Woody O'Brien, Residential Customer.