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Living along the Gulf Coast, we experience beautiful weather year-round, even though the summers can be blistering hot and the winters bring frigid temperatures at times. If you enjoy relaxing outside, entertaining guests, or grilling, adding a deck in your yard can help make those dreams come true.

At Dale’s Marine Construction, we have the abilities to build ground-level decks of any size, large or small. An excellent way to upgrade the look of your deck is to use composite decking. Not only does it change the look, but the material is also designed to last up to twice as long as that of traditional lumber.

We believe the addition of a deck is a guaranteed way to transform your outdoor space and increase the versatility of how you spend your time outdoors.


Living in Northwest Florida provides the unique opportunity of enjoying the outdoors year-round as temperatures range greatly from very cold/chilly to cool and breezy and of course jumping from warm to smoldering hot. Dale’s Marine Construction loves helping our customers create outdoor spaces and decks, so that they have an area designated to enjoying the fresh air, views, and temperatures.

  • Upgrade your outdoor space
  • Utilize composite decking, which lasts longer than traditional timber
  • Enjoy the Florida outdoors with a new deck
  • High quality material and customized design