Design & Engineering

Seawall Design & Boathouse Design

 The expert designers on staff at Dale’s Marine Construction (DMC) will help you develop a visual concept of your project before building begins. Whether you need a seawall design, boathouse design, or deck design, DMC will offer ideas for layout, dimensions, and materials before turning the project over to our engineers.


Once you are happy with the design concept, our engineers will see the project through to fruition making sure the appropriate materials are ordered and that the construction will meet required codes to pass inspections and gain permits. It is much easier to gain permits with professional design, drawings and aerial photographs.


Contact us for a free estimate to begin the seawall design or boathouse design of your dreams.

What People Are Saying:

Just wanted to let you know that the seawall you installed for me ... is the only thing on my property which survived Hurricane Ivan without severe damage. The wall was submerged 8-10 ft at the height of the storm and was impacted by a fallen tree and several large pieces of other people's homes. I was unable to detect any damage worth mentioning despite the punishment it endured. Thanks for the well built wall. Do you build houses?

CDR Richard Finnegan, Training Officer, Training Air Wing FIVE