Dock Life Service

The new ‘Dock Life’ boatlift service program

With this service package, you will be less likely to be stranded with an inoperable boatlift. There is nothing worse than having friends over, getting the boat loaded and being excited about enjoying a Blue Angel airshow only to find out that you have not serviced your boatlift and it is inoperable.

What We’ll Do

Dale’s Marine will do a complete safety inspection and service your boatlift.

This includes:

  • Lubricating all pulleys, cables on the cable winders and winch plates
  • Tightening or replacing drive belts
  • Checking gear oil levels in the gear drives
  • Realigning all cables
  • Removing dirt daubers and/or bird nests that have built up in motor housings.

Priority Service

This service plan will also put you on our 7 day a week priority service call list for the unfortunate times that your lift may not be working on the weekends. We also offer a 10% discount on any repair work needed to be done on your boatlift.


Contact us for pricing and the scheduling of your Dock Life service.