Piers & Docks

Pier & Docks

As experts in pier construction, Dales Marine takes special care to build piers and docks with materials that suit environmental conditions, while staying within budget for our customers.

We use alternative decking materials such as Choice-Dek© composite decking and Thru-Flow plastic grated decking to maintain our environmental mission and to meet the weather challenges faced by a Florida boat dock builder. Choice-Dek© is a composite of recycled cedar wood and plastic polyethylene that lasts two to three times longer than traditional decking materials. It does not require sealing, staining or treating, and is easy to clean. Thru-Flow decking is maintenance free and allows the water to come through the deck during a storm surge event to help prevent damage to the dock. We ONLY use stainless steel screws to fasten our decking.

We also promote ½” spacing between all deck boards to ensure sunlight will radiate to underwater growth communities and allow water to come between deck boards during a storm surge.

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