Marine Construction Seawall

 Marine construction of a seawall (bulkhead) requires quality materials, advanced technology, and experienced craftsmanship to prevent erosion and withstand strong winds and high waves. We encourage the installation of vinyl seawalls over conventional materials for increased longevity and environmental protection. However, we understand commercial marinas or waterfront residences may require a seawall of stone (riprap), concrete, or specially treated wood and will be happy to accommodate you accordingly. At Dale’s Marine, we only use #316 high grade stainless steel tie-back rods to ensure outstanding strength and longevity. We ONLY use Everlast Synthetic Products vinyl sheet pile material. This is the highest quality vinyl material on the market today.

Seawalls & RipRap

When contemplating the construction of a seawall or retaining wall, several permitting agencies will need to be contacted. Dales Marine will take care of all permitting needs and help you through the entire building process.


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What People Are Saying:

“Dear Bill, (et al), Thank you for a great job on our deck and seawall. What a great crew and quality workmanship!” Best Regards.”

–Kim and Keith Logar, Residential Customers