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Name: Dale Hickman
Years of Experience: 30+ years
Address: 1773 Abercrombie Road, Gulf Breeze
Phone: 850.934.6360


Dale Hickman, founder and president of Dale’s Marine Construction, has more than 30 years of experience in business ownership and all aspects of marine construction and engineering. Dale’s Marine Construction is one of the largest and well-respected marine contractors in Northwest Florida.

He takes pride in working with each client to create a project that not only meets the client’s vision, but also surpasses their expectations. Prior to launching his own business, Dale gained construction experience working for D.W. Hickman Marine Construction, the company his father founded in 1979 following the devastation Hurricane Frederic caused the Gulf Coast.


Our mission is to provide our customers with a high-quality, eco-friendly product that exceeds their expectations on craftsmanship and design while being mindful of their budget.


Our quality standards are top notch and set us aside from our competitors. When you are requesting bids for your dream waterfront project, make sure you are getting the highest quality for the fairest price.


We build our products to last. We believe if you do a project right the first time, you should not have to worry about it again, and it is our goal to do just that.


Industry Leader and Expert

Recognized as an industry leader and expert, Dale’s breadth of knowledge extends to both individual, homeowner builds, as well as large-scale, commercial and corporate projects. He is well versed in the entire project from the initial permitting and design phases through project management and completion.

Environmental Commitment

Furthermore, Dale is considered a leader in the use and installation of environmentally-friendly, marine installations and materials, such as recycled and special composites that do not deteriorate or bleed into the environment. He is also a strong advocate in the use of installation techniques that bear little to no effect on the environment, while also adhering to the strict federal, state, and local environmental protection guidelines and restrictions.

Steady Growth

Dale works effectively with architects, engineers, developers, financial institutions, other contractors, individual homeowners, as well as local, county, to ensure a great product. Over the last 30+ years, he has experienced steady corporate growth, even more so in the last five years. Dale’s Marine Construction grew exponentially, now employing nearly 30 full-time team members and achieving additional financial success. The projects vary greatly in size from several thousand dollars to more than one million dollars.


  • "This project has been featured on a number of Dale’s video blogs. I would just like to take this opportunity to share my experiences with this first-class company. I have been involved in numerous construction projects in many parts of the world and dealt with countless contractors. Having met with Dale and the whole management team and seen the way they approach the task with vigor, professionalism, and good humor, I can honestly say that I have never before had such faith and trust in an organization. No shortcuts were taken, attention to detail was paramount, and the execution was exemplary, all this while wearing a great big broad smile. Simply put, the information on their website, while being comprehensive, is not a boast but routine for this 'Class-A' company. Thank you, DMC."

    RICK C.